Wreath Award Winners

Christmas Mother Wreath Award and Certification of Appreciation are awarded annually to individuals, businesses or organizations that have been judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the Christmas Program.

The 2022 Wreath Awards were presented to:

Carolyn Bierowski

Carolyn Bierowski has been an annual monetary donor of the Christmas Mother Program’s Book Committee since 2017. Each fall the Committee has been blessed to receive a special note of support for its mission from her with a generous check included to purchase over 100 books for the children it serves. To date, her donations have enabled the purchase of over 600 books which have been placed in many children’s home libraries to provide easy access for daily reading.

Carolyn understands the importance of literacy empowerment and is commended for looking beyond herself to support children in her community who may not otherwise have books in their homes. She is a valuable and appreciated Book Committee literacy partner.

Emroch & Kilduff, LLP

Bill Kilduff came to accept the award for Emroch & Kilduff, LLP.  They have been sponsoring our auction since 2017.  Though the sponsorship entitked them to 4 tickets each year, they donated those back.  They continue to be a wonderful corporate sponsor of the community by “Sharing the Magic of Christmas”.

Jane Goddard

Jane Goddard is an EXCEPTIONAL volunteer – she is PHENOMENAL!  so says our office staff at the Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Christmas Mother and we tend to agree.  She has personally sponsored 16 families (49 individuals) since 2014.  Every year she calls the office and asks for the families that will be difficult to get sponsored.  She also comes to the center and helps the committee-sponsored families shop.  In 2022,  she came all three days, and did it all while smiling and making oour clients feel special. 

Tillary & Sal Buffa – Owners of The Reserve at the Highlands and Riptides Seafood Restaurant

The Buffas own both The Reserve and Riptides.  They have been donating gift cards for both to the auction for a number of years.  Our work crew at the center has enjoyed the amazing lunches from each restaurant over the years.  They have continuously responded to our multiple requests for help.  

Chick-Fil-A – Chester

Elizabeth Greeson who manages the Chester location of Chick-Fil-A was presented with certificate of appreciation for her store.  They have brought us awesome lunches for our work crews year after year.  They have also donated to our auction over the years.  It was a delight to meet this lovely lady eho encourages her staff to give back to the community.

Goddard School – Chesterfield

Debbie Womack and her husband own and operate the Goddard School – Chesterfield on Krause Rd.  Debbie has continuosly helped provide lunches for the work crews at our center in December.  The crew looks forward to “pizza Friday”.  In addition, the Goddard School has had book drives for our program.  They strive to teach the children early on about community and sharing.

El Caporal – Chester

The El Caporal Mexican Restaurant has been a supporter by providing lunches for our work crews for a number of years.  The Mexican dishes are well received and add to the diversity of the meals provided.  Unfortunately, they were unable to attend the luncheon but receive a certificate of appreciation.

Sibley’s Bar-B-Que – Chester

Chuck Sibley and his staff have provided delicious barbeque meals for the center work crews.  Having a busy day cooking up their fantastic fare, Chucj was unable to attend the luncheon but will receive a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the restaurant and its staff.