Sponsor a Family or Elder

Sponsoring a family or elder is the perfect way to share the spirit of Christmas. The process is very simple. Our amazing coordinators have an elf like quality to match just the right family or elder to you. This is a wonderful way for you or your group of co-workers, friends, book clubs, neighborhoods, or Scout troops to collectively make a difference in a neighbor’s holiday.

Sponsor a FamilySponsor an Elder

When you choose to sponsor a family

You will receive their wish list. (a parent fills this in for the children) We ask the gifts include: a new shirt/pants, underwear, socks, one large toy and 2-3 smaller toys and books, per child.

A food card for Christmas dinner, starting at $35.00 baseline and an additional $10.00 per family member, more is always appreciated!

When you choose to sponsor an elder

You will receive their wish list. We ask the gifts include new shirt/pants, underwear, and socks, along with 2-3 items from their wish list. Typical gift requests: small kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, dishes, silverware, towels, sheets, gift cards to fast food places and Cracker Barrel

A food card for $25.00. Many elders are insecure about their food supply and are very grateful for a more generous gift card.

Sponsored Family and Elder Facts:

  • All our clients are vetted by The Committee and agree to receive help from only one organization.
  • Sponsors choose family size. The families have 1-6+ children. The sponsor can even specify the age and gender of the children.
  • Sponsors are asked if they are willing to purchase bikes and electronics for the children.
  • ALL gifts given by the sponsor go directly to the family or elder. The Committee does not open packages and redistribute the gifts.
  • Gifts are returned to Chesterfield Fairgrounds usually on Tuesday or Thursday of the first week of December. Your delivery date is chosen by you.
  • The sponsors and clients are anonymous.
  • Our coordinators are always available to answer questions.

Join us as a sponsor, you will love sharing Christmas in this special way.