Eligibility Requirements

1. Applicant must be applying for themselves, not for someone else.

2. Applicant must show a form of valid identification that includes a photo ID.
• Driver’s license from any State
• DMV ID card
• US or foreign passport
• Foreign government-issued ID card such as Mexican Consular Card (Matricular Consular, in Spanish)
• If no photo ID:
Applicant can obtain a photo ID from DMV for $10.00, or
Applicant must prove they are a current client of Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Department of Social Services.

3. Applicant must show proof of residency (address must be within our geographical boundaries). Examples include:
• A current lease with the applicant’s name and signed by the applicant and landlord
• A current deed with the applicant’s name and address on it
• A current mortgage with the applicant’s name and address on it
• A current utility bill with the applicant’s name and address on it (If a Richmond address, look for “Chesterfield tax” on it to ensure it is within our geographical boundaries.)
• A current written statement from the person whose name appears on the lease, mortgage, deed or utility bill saying the applicant resides at the address shown

4. Applicant must have a verifiable ID number for all family members including self.
• Social security number
• TIN number (tax identification number)

5. If applicable, applicant must provide proof of guardianship of children.
• Legal document showing proof of guardianship
• Legal custody documents

6. Applicant must provide proof of ALL income sources.
• Pay stubs or pay envelopes with applicant’s, spouse’s or guardian’s name.
• Copy of paycheck with applicant’s, spouse’s or guardian’s name
• Signed statement from employer (must be current and on business letterhead with a verifiable phone number of the employer)
• Award letter or notice of action for TANF, food stamps, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Unemployment Compensation, Veterans’ Benefits pensions, child support, settlements or any other types of income (this letter is extremely helpful and should be current).